Learn to Live Debt Free!

Founded: June 1996

Debt Reduction Services is committed to educating the general public, and in particular each of their clients, in order to help people learn to live a debt free life. Their intention is to offer the highest quality of instruction and credit counseling, and in those instances where applicable, couple that instruction and counseling with their debt management programs, also known as debt consolidation.
Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Debt Reduction Services operates 8 locations in 7 states. They serve clients through most of the United States. See More Locations

Their mission is to promote financial responsibility in their clients and community members nationwide. They accomplish this through educational programs, counseling, student loan assistance and personalized services. They thus empower individuals to develop and use positive budgeting skills and effective spending behaviors, to use credit wisely, and to prevent, manage, and eliminate consumer debt.