Every day there is another ridiculous study is released. Usually about how this week something is going to kill you. Next week that very same thing will be associated with long life in another study. But then I saw this study and my interest, among other things, were peaked...

Eating Apples Makes Women Want to Get-It-On? I'LL TAKE A BUSHEL PLEASE!!!

Want to have better sex?  If you're a woman, get to the store and buy yourself some APPLES.  And if you're a guy, get to the store and buy a woman some apples.

A new study out of Italy just found that women who ate at least one or two apples a day had way better sex than women who didn't. The apples made the women HORNIER, and led to better sex, better climaxes, and more sexual satisfaction.
The researchers think it's because the antioxidants in apples stimulate a woman's blood flow, and they contain a chemical called phlorizin which works like a female sex hormone.
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All this time I've blamed Eve for tempting Adam with the forbidden fruit. Turns out it was that dead sexy apple that ruined it all!! Now go out there and get your fruit on!!!