There I was just minding my own business, when I received a glorious e-mail from the wonderful folks at Netflix. They announced that Season 3 of 'Archer' was finally available on Netflix. HELL YEAH! They probably knew to send the e-mail to me because I've watched season one and two so many times that I can practically recite each episode verbatim.

Season 3 is full of some really hilarious episodes and chock full of the kind of comedy you've come to expect from 'Archer'. If you're sitting there asking yourself, what the hell is 'Archer' then I feel horrible for you. It's a comedic cartoon on FX about a International Spy who works for his mother's spy agency. And you're in look, all three season are available on Netflix so you can happily binge away your evening!

Also here's an added video bonus. A wonderful YouTube'r uploaded a montage of some great lines from one of my favorite characters.