Move over Beer Pong, there's a new drinking game sweeping the nation (of Canada) and it's called Alcohockey.  Invented by a drunken Canadian hockey fan named Nate Wawrzonek, Alcohockey is a whole new take on the "sport" of air hockey.

Wawrzonek and his buddies transformed their air hockey table into an Alcohockey rink by removing the goals at each end and and replacing them with 6 cup holders.  Beer is placed in each of the 6 cups.  Offensive players score when their puck lands into one of the cups, while defenders attempt to block their shots.  Whenever a player scores a "goal", his opponent must consume the entire cup.  The game ends when the victor scores in all 6 cups.  Any leftover beers must be slammed by the loser.

To learn more about this exciting new drinking game, check out the official Alcohockey page on Facebook.