Sunday is one of the biggest party days of the year.  Whether you have a rooting interest in the Big Game or not, it's your patriotic duty as an American to watch football, gorge yourself and knock back a few cold ones.

If you plan on watching the game at a local bar, here's a few of the best sports bars in Billings.

In the Heights, The Stadium Club is the spot.  They have plenty of tv's, a full bar, good food, lots of seating, pool tables and a ton of awesome video games to play while you're waiting for kickoff.  If the Stadium Club is too crowded, the Vig is your next best bet.

If you're pulling for Denver to win, Tiny's Tavern on 4th Ave. and 24th St. is Billings' official Broncos bar.  The bar is loaded with Broncos memorabilia, including a gigantic John Elway shrine and chairs dedicated to former Denver players.  Space is limited and those seats fill up fast, so if you're gonna watch the game at Tiny's, get there early.  And if you're rooting for Seattle, prepare to hear plenty of smack talk from the Denver fans.

Another downtown destination is Hooligan's.  Every seat is a good one at the Broadway Avenue Irish pub and sports bar, plus you can fill up on free peanuts and throw your shells on the ground.  If you can find a spot in the back, you'll want to watch the game on their gigantic projection screen.  Expect a lot of Seahawks fans at Hooligan's, including a tiny little Asian woman who will scream at the top of her lungs throughout the entire game.

On the West End, it's hard to go wrong with the Grandstand.  Although, its relatively small, there is always a great crowd of rowdy locals, plenty of televisions and great food.  Be warned though, the Grandstand Hot Wings Challenge is no joke.  One of those insanely hot wings is enough to ruin your entire day.

Further out on the West End, Cadillac Jack's is a huge sports bar with lots of seating and excellent food.  Unlike some of the smaller bars, there's a massive dining room and bar area capable of handling big crowds.  It also has more of a family friendly atmosphere, for those who want to watch the game with their kids.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with watching the Big Game in the comfort of your own home.  Or better yet, let you friends do all the work and bounce around from party to party. Either way, here's hoping that you have a blast on Sunday, wherever you're watching the big game.