Oh Valentines Day, some people can't get enough of this holiday and others loathe it with every fiber of their being. I personally I'm quite indifferent to the whole thing, it will vary based on my relationship status by the time the big day rolls around.

This year though, it's looking like I will be spending the holiday solo. Which is fine by me!My single's Valentines Dinner will usually consist of a nice steak, Vodka, and a bunch of horror movies! But that's not to say I can't pour on the charm when it's required.So that's why I am presenting my top five picks for restaurants to take your girl (or guy) on Valentines Day.

These restaurants were handpicked by me based on two criteria:

1) The food is excellent quality, and the service matches it.

2) Each restaurant is, in my opinion, "fancy" enough that your significant other will feel doted upon.

  • 1

    Jake's Restaurant & Saloon

    (406) 252-9375 ‎

    Look, don't get me wrong, the downtown Jakes is great for a quick lunch or an after-work drink. But the Jakes on the West End is 10x better in terms of both quality and atmosphere. If you want to show your significant other that you value them more than a client you're meeting for lunch, take them to the west end Jakes.

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    The Granary

    (406) 259-3488

    Okay, full disclosure, I have not personally had a chance to dine at this establishment. But when a poll was taken of all the women in our office, the opinion was unanimous. The Granary is a great place to take your special someone if you're looking to make an impression. And I have to agree with them, after briefly browsing their website and looking at their menu, I'm completely sold on the place.

    Super Awesome Bonus: you can make a reservation right from their website!

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    Fancy Sushi Asian Fusion

    (406) 245-6688

    Now if you're looking at the above picture and your immediate reaction is "BLECH!", don't give up hope yet! Fancy Sushi is not just home to some of the best sushi in Billings, they've got a full and wonderful menu with plenty of things to satisfy the non-fish eating Asian food enthusiasts. Seriously, check out their super extensive menu right here on their website. Unlike the Granary, I have eaten here, extensively. So I fully 100% approve Fancy Sushi, and I think they're some of the best sushi you can get in Billings!

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    Walkers Grill

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    Windmill Restaurant

    (406) 252-8100

    No list of good restaurants in Billings, Montana would be complete with including the Windmill. My first experience with the Windmill was a few years ago when I was visiting from Bozeman. I had the prime rib, and it was some of the best I ever had.There was nothing left to take home for a midnight snack. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and I thought the service was top notch. They also have a great bar area and in the warmer months a killer porch area!