It's time once again for our weekly roundup of Missed Connections from the Billings Craigslist page.

1. The Woman at the Hampton Inn Swimming Pool
"I saw you in your bikini; white top black bottom.s I wanted to talk to you but couldn't. If you see this, I just want to let you know that I haven't been able to quit thinking about you."

2.  The Girl at Jimmy John's
"This is a long shot, but I go into Jimmy John's everyday for lunch and the cashier with gauged ears that always takes my order has really caught my eye. Just a really shy guy and I don't really know what to say."

3.  The Waiter at Cracker Barrel
I go to Cracker Barrel rather frequently and you've been my waiter a few times. You have blonde hair and I think your name starts with an N. You're always so sweet and I just wanted to say thank you!"

4.  The Hottie at the Montana Rescue Mission Store
" Very cute lady this morning around 9-10 am at the west end location. If you're single and see this please send an email!"

It takes a lot of class (and a lot of brass) to send an anonymous message to a woman you saw at a thrift store.  As desperate as our first four missed connections are, they pale in comparison to our loneliest loser of the week.

5..  The Barista at City Brew
"It was about 6 pm on Valentine's Day. I was hoping to run into someone specific, so I approached the counter - by the time I got there and realized she wasn't on shift, it was already too late!! I was committed, didn't have any money on me, and wasn't really up for coffee. You had blonde, curly hair, and asked for my order. Fortunately, one of those giant chocolate chunk cookies caught my eye, allowing me to save face and actually order something. You asked if I wanted anything to drink with that - and I replied that I was good. I didn't take a receipt, but, after our transaction, I reached into my back pocket, and handed you some candy, wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day. You lit up like a Christmas Tree - it seemed as though my actions may have "made your day..." and just thinking about that made MY day. :)

Just so you know, I'm a teacher. The candy I gave you was left over from what I gave my students that day. I originally intended to give it to someone else, but, it turns out, maybe it was intended for you all along. What I teach is math, so, I know the odds are incredibly long against your even SEEING this ad, but, if you do, and if you feel like taking a risk, reply to my ad... Perhaps sparks didn't fly - but if they did, I wanted to give them their due opportunity to see what they can do."

Join us again next week for another thrilling episode of the Best of Billings: Craigslist Missed Connections.