It's time once again for our monthly roundup of the best "Missed Connections" from the Billings Craigslist page.

1.  Meat Locker Jogger
"I saw you jogging on Saturday around 10 or 11 by the Meat Locker.   You had on a lime green top. You have an amazing body"

The only way this guy could get creepier is if he had started chasing her

2.  2 For the Price of One
"I saw you two ladies at Albertsons on Thursday and couldn't stop checking you out"

If there's anything the ladies love, it's when you hit on them and their friend at the same time

3. Do you drive stick?
"I tried moving the stick for you to separate our groceries, but there were none to be had. I wanted to talk to you, but didn't know what to say cause I'm kind of shy. You are blonde and have an upper ear piercing. I was wearing a red hat and sunglasses on my head even though it was night. Would like to hear from you."

Damn, where's that stick when you need it?

4.  Cutie with a Mohawk
"I saw you in Albertsons on Sixth at about 3 pm. We passed in the chip aisle then you ended up behind me in the checkout. I would be interested in getting to know you."

All the hot punk rock chicks hang out in the chop aisle

5.  Hottie at the Courthouse
"You were wearing jeans, sweet I might add, and a black long sleeve shirt over something light colored. You had your hair up and pinned back. You smiled at me a lot and I hope I smiled back, hard to tell. You had me breathless. I would love to get to know you. I know this is a long shot, but I gotta try."

And finally, the most shameless perv of the month is...the dude who wanted to hit on a hot chick in front of her grandma.

Red Shirt at the Rim Rock Mall
"You were a gorgeous girl with dark hair. You were wearing a red shirt with a white skirt. You were sitting in the food court around a couple of elderly woman. Was going back to ask you for a number, but you were already gone."

Better luck next time.