After three months in Billings, I can honestly say I really like it here.  I do have one complaint.  Can we get somebody to plow the damn roads?

I get it, this is Montana and everyone drives a big truck.  And maybe you're used to driving on ice and snow.  But seriously, whenever I'm driving down a side street on the West End, it feels like I'm off roading.  I've been on some streets that I am certain haven't been plowed at all. Maybe it just me, but the roads seem to be better downtown and in the Heights than they are on the West End.

Admittedly, I have seen a few City of Billings trucks with snow plows.  With their blades up.  I have yet to see a City snow plow that was actually plowing snow.  I actually witnessed a Billings City truck driving down the street in a snowstorm with their blades up. I wanted to chase him down and tell him to start doing his job, but the roads were too icy to catch up with him.  If they're not going to actually plow, maybe they can lay down some sand?

In fact, the only trucks I have actually seen plowing the streets were private citizens.  I understand that city budgets are tight.  But if Billings can afford to have city employees driving plows, can we get them to put their blades down once in a while?