In my opinion, parking enforcement officers (aka parking nazis) are among the worst people on this planet.  Here's how I rank them:  1.  Child Molesters 2.  Serial Killers 3.  Parking Enforcement Officers.  You could make a case that parking nazis are actually worse than serial killers, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Yesterday, I received a $15 ticket for parking "against the direction on traffic".  Never mind that I was parked within the lines, off the road and posed no hazard to oncoming traffic.  I simply backed in instead of parking straight forward.

Admittedly, that act violates city policy.  I don't dispute that.  What bothers me is that there is a person who is paid to enforce those stupid laws.  Even more aggravating is the smug sense of arrogance these people act with while they drive their stupid little golf carts downtown.

Of course, these monsters exist for two reasons:  To make money for the city and to bother upstanding citizens.  Not to protect other motorists.  Not to decrease traffic congestion.  Outside of the city coffers, the only thing they contribute to society is misery.

Sure, we all have a job to do.  But if you must resort to deliberately annoying total strangers in order to make a living, you are subtracting more than you are adding.

Here's a couple suggestions for the City of Billings.

1.  We don't need parking enforcement officers downtown.  Parking is not a problem.  Big cities might need them, but Billings does not.  Instead of wasting tax payer dollars for a useless service, why not spend that money on something we really another snowplow.

2.  Don't use the phrase "Billings Pride, City Wide" on parking citations.  That's just adding insult to injury.  And it's a terrible way to building Billings pride.

I was tempted to pay my fine in all pennies.  But I don't begrudge the clerks at City Hall.  I believe that they genuinely try to help people.  Unlike parking enforcement officers who are despicable, deplorable and horrible excuses for human beings.