What were the chances that a woman would win our Ultimate Man Cave?  Congrats to Holly Reed, the grand prize winner in our Pro Football Pick 'Em Contest.  Holly won 2 of the 17 weekly pools this season, and now she'll be watching the games on her new 50" plasma screen TV, while comfortably seated in her new recliner from Ashley Furniture.

Holly had a tough choice to make.  Should she go with the University of Montana / Coors Lite beer fridge or the Montana State / Miller Lite beer fridge?  She claims this decision was harder to make than picking the winners.  After closely analyzing her split family loyalties, she went with the Montana State beer fridge.  She plans to give the fridge to her son, who is an MSU student.

As an avid Washington Redskins fan, this is one of the few victories Holly has had the chance to enjoy this year.  It's been a long, painful season for Holly, but at least it ended on a bright note.  She wants to dedicate her victory to all of the long suffering Redskins fans.