Sirens were wailing outside a Toluca Lake hospital Monday night.

The ER staff was standing at the ready as the ultra-riffic super-duper star Miley Cyrus burst through the doors in need of immediate care! Heart monitors beeping. The clang of shiny, sharp surgical instruments. The room is electric!

“What’s the prognosis, doctor? Will she make it?”


That was the sound of journalism taking it’s final breath. Call it. Time of death, Monday, April 16, 2012.

Nothing I can write here can do justice to the injustice E Online does to the “once upon a time” respected profession. You have GOT to check out this article on Miley Cyrus’ recent trip to the ER. Keep an eye out for the link to the Pulitzer prize winning reporting on her apparent trip to the grocery store “sans brazier.”

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