Just announced Wednesday...NBC's chief  foreign affairs correspondent, Andrea Mitchell has breast cancer.  She's quoted as say "Screening matters.  Do it," from msnbc.com. I couldn't agree more. It always amazes me how some women/men can blow cancer off as not important, or the thinking that "It won't happen to me".  It just plain boggles my mind.  Here's why.

My mother is a breast cancer survivor of over 20 years.  My grandmother (God rest her soul) had a type of lung cancer, she didn't survive.  My grandfather (God rest his soul) died from cancer as well.  And...I was diagnosed with melanoma (a type of skin cancer) back in 2010 (I've been treated and have a clean bill of health, for now).  It apparently runs a little rampant throughout our family.  That's why we take it very seriously.  You should too.   Click here for the statistics on cancer they're amazing.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I thought that this would be a good way to create a little early awareness about cancer in general.

I commend people in the media for coming forward and making announcements like Andrea did.  It draws national attention to the fact that anyone, no matter the social status,  can have cancer.  I especially like the fact that Andrea Mitchell found hers on an annual check-up.  Her prognosis is great due to the fact that they found it in it's earliest stages.  Way to go Andrea!  See her story here at msnbc.com.

Sometimes, no matter how early you find it, or treat it,  there is nothing you can do.  And I know that.  It's a horribly unfair and  unfortunate thing. But you can, a lot of times, give yourself some time to at least try to beat it.  Early detection is the key.   Am I right or am I right?

I don't know about you, but when the time comes for me to have a mammogram, I'm there with bells on (Ok, not really, but the mental image I just gave you, probably at least, made you smile, lol).  I still have to have annual check ups for melanoma, but "Eh!" what's a half hour of my life compared to the rest of it?   Even my dad gets his annual check up and if he can do it (an old rancher, cowboy dude that he is) you can too. And if it runs in my family, there's a chance it can run in yours. Just sayin!

Okay, so I'll be off my soapbox for now, but  make sure you keep checking back.  We'll have more information, events and such coming up for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. :)