If you're planning on hosting a party for the Big Game next month (Go Broncos!!!), you'll definitely want to build your own Snack-adium.  Just what is a Snack-adium?  It's a replica football stadium built with snacks.  You can use any snack you want, but there are some general rules of thumb.

For starters, you're going to want to construct your field.  I recommend spreading a layer of guacamole or spinach dip in a square to mimic the turf.  Then use sour cream to formulate the yard lines.

Step two is the end zones.  Fill two small rectangular dishes with queso dip or salsa, place on both sides of your "turf" and use a plastic fork to forge make shift goal posts on either side.

After your field is complete, you can begin assembling your snack-adium grandstands.  The easiest way is to spread a pile of tortilla chips or veggies around the field of dip.

Finally, you will need to  erect the snack-adium walls.  This is where it gets fun.  If you're going all out, you can create a layer of sub sandwiches.  If you're going for a south of the border theme, you can use a large taco salad shell or even snack size burritos.  Of course, you can always opt for the cheapest method, which is stacking small slices of bread around your bowl.

There are several online tutorials offering blueprints for snack-adium construction.  And starting next week, we'll have your chance to create the tastiest cuisine coliseum of all time.  This weekend, a bunch of people here at the Hawk are attempting to make an office Snack-adium.  We'll post pictures and video of the Hawk's official Snack-adium on Monday and if you can guess all the ingredients in our grubbin' gridiron, you might just win a grocery gift card, with everything you'll need to build yoru own.