Cops Called on Human-Sounding Screaming Goat
Earlier this year the internet brought something very important about goats to our attention. When the can-eating animals scream they sound an awful lot like a person who has either witnessed a great horror or suffered a devastating injury.
10 Totally Aww-Worthy Puppy Fails
Ladies and gents, it’s time for another round of entertaining fails. Recently we’ve scoped out the really unfortunate and the semi-painful type of fail. But this time around, we’re going for the straight up adorable, AKA puppy fails.
Scarlet – Adoptable Pet of The Week
We are very happy to announce that Scarlet was adopted over the weekend and is now enjoying her much deserved life in her Forever Home. A big Thank You from all of us and Help For Homeless Pets to Scarlet's new owners.
Why Every Cat Should Be More Like Pancake
Our childhood pet was a cat named Snowball whose two special tricks were hiding behind the refrigerator and disappearing for weeks on end. Sometimes we would think that Snowball was hiding behind the refrigerator, and then it would be a couple of days, and we would start worrying that Snowball had d…
ZooMontana Has Two New Residents!
Zoomontana has two new tiny residents!  The zoo made the announcement today and it’s no April Fool’s joke!  Mia and Ben who are North American River Otters are now the proud parents of two male pups that were born on March 11.
Kids React to Grumpy Cat
If you've had your fill of Grumpy Cat videos, why not take it to the next level and watch a video of children watching Grumpy Cat videos? It's basically doubling up on cute.
There's the bit of Tardar Sauce herself, which we know is adorable, then there are kids giggling, which is obviously not as ado…

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