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Larger Exchange Club Patio Debuts at MontanaFair in Billings
To celebrate its 100th anniversary, MontanaFair has gotten a significant facelifit that expands from the Agriculture Bar to the Exchange Club Patio in the Grandstands area.
The myriad upgrades are designed to attract -- and please -- one of the biggest crowds ever to celebrate the century mark...
Stretch Your Body and Your Brain with Yoga
Yoga has exploded in popularity over the years.  Matthew McConaughey, Madonna, Adam Levine, Gwyneth Paltrow, even Woody Harrelson extol the virtues of a yoga-filled life.
It isn’t unusual to stand in the grocery store checkout line and see Madonna revealing “Six yoga moves to improve your sex life!” …
Some Germs Provide a Vital Purpose
Did you know that you and I are not completely human? That’s right. If you go strictly by cell count, you will find that the human body is 90 percent bacteria. There are an estimated 100 trillion bacteria living on your skin or inside your body, most of them live in your gut...
No Admission Fee on Senior Day at MontanaFair
Some things in life really are free.
We've got the proof.
Monday, Aug. 10, from noon to 5 p.m., has been designated Senior Day at MontanaFair. The set-aside day is chock-full of free goodies, including free admission.
Lunch is free followed by free ice cream...
Billings Top 5 ‘Missed Connections’ of the Month
It's time once again for our monthly roundup of lonely singles (and married people) looking for love online. Here's the top 5 'Missed Connections' of month from the Billings Craigslist page.
1. Dude is in love with ex-girlfriend's mom
This is pretty much a long, long, long sho…
5 Good Reasons to Set Goals
It’s been said that nobody ever accomplished anything worth accomplishing without first setting a goal. Goal-setting has been a valuable tool for everybody from billionaire businessmen to All-Star athletes. Heck, goal-setting even helped put men on the moon.
Surely a little goal-setting can help me w…
The 20 Best Towns to Live in Montana
Most people tend to think their hometown is better than other parts of the state. Unless, of course, you grew up in Butte, in which case you move away on your 18th birthday and tell people you’re from Helena.
But what is the best place to live in Montana...
Hundreds Descend on Billings Bike Night at Grandstand Casino
Hundreds of bikes -- 215 to be exact -- were on display Wednesday night at Grandstand Casino at Billings Bike Night as this summer staple shows no signs of slowing down.
That's 35 more bikes than last week. We are looking to break all records next week when Billings Bike Night commences at 6 p..…

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