Billings, What is Your Christmas Eve Tradition?
Christmas is basically here and my kids could not be more excited. They are not only thrilled to see what Santa will bring them Christmas morning but also for our family Christmas Eve tradition that we do every year.
The night of Christmas Eve, we like to gather as a family and play board games...
Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Lights?
I am one for the big show. Lots of lights, computerized music that runs the light show and plenty of decorations. I actually feel really behind this year because we haven't done that much with our house. Nonetheless, we are decorated, the lights are up and have been ever since Thanksgiving...
Will Your Kids and Pets Have a Robust Holiday?
I can honestly tell you that this year has been a little tougher than normal when it comes to making Christmas happen for my family. A new baby in the loop, adding to the numbers and with prices that seem to be going up and up, it was a little harder to swallow that bill this year.
When Should the Holiday Decorations Come Down?
It's an age-old debate. When do the Christmas decorations go up and when do they come down?
We are into the week of Christmas now and I have my own beliefs about how to handle these issues. I usually put the lights up right after Thanksgiving and take them down the day after Christmas...
My Top 10 Holiday Movies
With Christmas just a week away, my kids' and my nights are filled with holiday movies, hot chocolate and popcorn.
Here are my top ten holiday movies for the season.
1: "It's a Wonderful Life:" The idea for the movie all started with a Christmas card

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