My Top 5 ‘Pothead’ Concerts
This week, legendary Who singer Roger Daltrey made headlines when he scolded a fan for smoking weed during a concert and threatened to walk off stage. Over the years, I've heard several fans complain about marijuana smoke at concerts, but never from the singer of the band...
Idiot Asking Over $900 For Eagles Ticket On StubHub
The Eagles fly back into Billings two weeks from tomorrow and tickets have been sold out for months. However, if you're willing to shell out big bucks to see them, there are plenty of good seats for sale on Stubhub.
As of today, 246 tickets remain for sale on the popular online secondary ticket …
Foreskin Awareness Group Protests Bono at U2 Tour Kickoff
Several years ago, U2 singer Bono publicly suggested that circumcising young boys could help prevent the spread of HIV in Africa. Evidently, that didn't sit well with members of a 'foreskin awareness' group in Canada.
Last night, before the opening date of U2's 'Innocence and Experience' tour in Vanc…

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