Breaking News: Jordan Johnson Verdict In!
Jurors have reached a verdict in the high profile rape trial of suspended University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson.
KTVQ is reporting that just after a few hours deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.  Keep it here and we'll bring you more details as they become av…
Ted Nugent To Meet With Secret Service Today
Following his recent controversial statements about President Barack Obama, Ted Nugent will be questioned by the Secret Service on Thursday. Nugent, who has in some circles become more famous for his politics in the last 20 years than his music, said at a National Rifle Association convention that, …
Tom Petty’s Stolen Guitars Recovered
Finally, some good news in the world of classic rock. Five guitars belonging to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were recovered Tuesday (April 17). The instruments had been reported missing since Friday, when they were taken from the Culver City, Calif. soundstage where the band was rehearsing for it…
Has the Bakken Boom Hit Billings?
The Bakken Oil Boom: has it already started to impact Billings?  Yes!  Drill baby drill, famous words spoken just a few years ago during the presidential campaign, and that is exactly what they are doing across most of North Dakota into Eastern Montana.

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