Alice Cooper Gets Robbed
Alice Cooper’s storage facility, which is full of archival items that are essentially priceless, was broken into early this week, by someone apparently unafraid of making enemies with a man who owns snakes and guillotines.
Tommy Lee Settles Lawsuit for $400K
Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is $400K lighter, but it has nothing to do with his behavior in Las Vegas during the band’s recent residency. Instead, Lee has settled a lawsuit with a former assistant, who sued him for defamation and failure to pay overtime.
Dumb and Dumber – 6 Weird Laws in Montana
Have you ever been stopped or cited for something you did that made no sense? Have you ever said to yourself “Well, that's a dumb law!” It may surprise you how many really dumb laws we have on the books in Montana that we don't even know about. Here are just a few:

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