Happy Dog Day, Billings
This is my best friend!  I'm sure you've heard me mention Conan before.  This is my 110lbs. Husky/Malamute mix.  He's a rescue and this is his 4th year with me.  Best dog ever.
If you don't have any experience with rescue animals the next time your looking…
Autumn Needs a Forever Home
This girl is awesome!  Meet Autumn, very smart and loving.  When she first got the station is crawled right into my lap.  She would make a great family dog, she's not sure about cats yet.  Maybe she just needs to meet your kitty?
The Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter has a sp…
Girls With Boy Names
Shannon, Alex, Ryan, and Bobby, all great names but if you've never met the person with that name.  Is you first question,Is it a boy or girl?  I know I'm not the only girl with a dude's name.  There's lots of us out there.
Not only do most people spell my name wron…
Are Friends or Family the Key to a Long Life
Are you close with your family?  Good, your more likely to live longer.  According to a new study done by American Sociological Association, Huffington Post had an interesting article.
Older people with close family ties and not just friends were more likely to live longer...
Manliest Men in Billings
Dylan Ayer, TSM 
I'm sure you've noticed that the Crowne Plaza, the building that the station is located in is getting a makeover.  It will soon be a Double Tree and not the Crown Plaza.
This is the crew placing the sign on the top of the Crowne.  T...
Best Fried Chicken In Montana [Poll]
Fried chicken seems like an easy enough dish... Anyone can make it but most people don't make it well.  Mentalfloss had the best fried chicken in every state.
I was surprised to see that Tiny's here in Billings didn't make it.  I mean, for me that chicken is second only to my…
Billings, How Do You Feel About Cover Songs?
How do you feel about covers?  Do you like them, hate them, or maybe your just OK with them.  I enjoy covers, some of my favorite songs are covers.
Johnny Cash's album full of covers is probably my favorite.  Some of the songs you hear all the time on the Hawk are covers...
Ranch House Sausage Company
Dylan Ayer, TSM 
I love meat, I mean LOVE meat!  It's second only to boys and beer.  Feel kind of like a fool, considering this weekend was the first time I've ever had any Ranch House Sausage Company products.
These sausages pictured above are the best thing ever.  K...
Murdock Needs A Furever Home [Video]
Meet Murdock, so cute, so tiny and just waiting to go home with someone. Lots of energy and great markings.   You can meet Murdock at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.  If you looking for an older cat, the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter has lots of cats up for adoption...

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