Montana Top 10 State For Well-Being
Dylan Ayer, TSM 
Are you happy?  You should be you live in Montana. I know, it's not possible to be happy all the time.  But it's good to remember, your happiness is in your hands.
According to Gallup, Montana as a state made number 8 out of all 50 as far as people being happy…
Gross Food That People Actually Love
Are you a food snob.. Come on, you know if you are or not.  I would say no.  I love food all food.  Even the strange stuff like wasabi, frog legs, Sriracha, and gizzards.
The Thrillest went state by state to figure out the grossest thing that people eat in each state...
Montana, More Educated Than Other States
In my experience, a good education pays for it's self.  Not only can school after high school graduation help you earn more in the long run.  College is also a rite of passage in my mind.  You head off to college, some leave town for the first time but some stay...
Jax Needs a ‘Furever’ Home [Video]
Check out Jax in the video.  She might be a perfect fit for you.  If Jax isn't the pet your looking for there are lots of animals available for adoption at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.
If adoption isn't an option for you.  There's other ways you can help out th…
Martin Sexton Returns to the Pub Station
This singer-songwriter is a do not miss.  I stumbled across him a couple of years ago by accident.  I was putting together a commercial for one of his shows which required me to listen to his music, I was blown away.  Had to go see the show...
Best Cookie in Montana
MSN believes they have figured out the best cookie in every state?  Have they ever had a cookie from Log Cabin here in Billings?  I'd make the argument but I've never eaten at the Wild Crumb in Bozeman, I might really be missing something
MSN has gone state by state and listed the…
Healthiest County in MT, Not Yellowstone
The healthiest county in Montana is not Yellowstone, according to MSN.  We may have the most brewers downtown and we also own the most guns as far as counties in Montana go.  But the healthiest county that is not us.
The healthiest county in Montana is Gallatin County.  O...
Top 5 Monday Songs
What's up Monday, ya big jerk!  Yeah, no one likes you.  :)
It must be hard being the day of the week and that everyone not only hates but dreads as well.  Don't fret Monday.  Some great musicians have written about you.
Sorry to say but some like you better than others
-Love Dylan
Tesla, Poison, and Def Leppard in Bozeman
I don't know about you but I'm going to have to make friends with someone in Bozeman.  So many great shows coming to Brick Breeden Fieldhouse I can hardly keep up.  Thank god Bozeman is close.
I haven't see Poison in years.  In fact last time I saw Poison I was 21, that …
NFL Cocktails, 32 Team Drinks
So your team didn't make the playoffs...they won't be part of the Big Game this year.  But what about a  drink inspired by your favorite NFL team.
Stiletto Sports has 32 NFL team inspired drinks.  Doesn't matter if you love the Cowboys or Green Bay...
Hit The Road with Bon Jovi
There's lots of great bands that are never given a chance.  They play just as well as any headline act but are never even given the chance to be discovered.  Well, Bon Jovi is looking for you and wants you to open for them.
Bon Jovi is looking for local acts to open up their …
Great Rockies Sportshow, This Weekend
Do you fish?  Hunt?  Both?  Well, the Great Rockies Sportshow is for you this weekend.  There lots of fun for the kids too.
Check out boats, RVs and any and everything to do with hunting and fishing.  There will also be seminars...

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