‘My Furry Valentine’ Benefit for YVAS
Enjoy a great night out for a great cause.  The Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter's 'My Furry Valentine' is coming up at the Pub Station on Feb.10th doors are at 7pm and the music starts at 8pm.
Listen to tunes from Hubba Hubba, there will be a live and silent auction...
Winnie Needs a ‘Furever’ Home
This little girl, for as young as she is...Very chill.  And she definitely wants to be a lap dog.  What a lover.  If you want a pet that will sit on the couch and watch TV with you.  This is your girl.
Learn more about Winnie in the video...
Iron Maiden Trooper Beer
I was in Chicago over the Christmas holiday and while I was out shopping with my father's wife.  He went to the liquor store and scored this.
I had never seen one up close.  He said he looked for the AC/DC beer but they didn't have that but they did have the Iron Maiden Beer...
What’s the Most Popular Netflix Show in MT?
This time of year it's easy to Netflix and chill.  We don't even have to feel guilty about it.  It's just been too damn cold outside to do much of anything.
Thanks to Sam, I am know a big Blacklist fan.  That has been the show I'm hooked on right now...
Whitefish Montana, Great Winter Getaway
Are you a AAA member?  I am and was surprised to see Whitefish make the list of great winter escapes in their magazine.  AAA had 6 great cities to visit in the winter.
At Whitefish Resort you can ski, check out 'snow ghosts'-trees covered and contorted...
Montana, Top 10 Coldest State
If you thought we were the coldest state it could be worse.  The Thrillist had an article about what states are the coldest in the nation and while Montana was top 10 we were not the coldest.  That honor goes to Minn.
Top 10 coldest states in the nation are Minn...
Bars in Department Stores, it’s a Thing
We've all been there.  Your done shopping and the person your with, is, well... Just getting started.
I am not a good shopper, I know that rare is for a women.  But it's not my thing.  Go in the store get what I need and I'm out.  Not in to checking every wrack…
Float the Smith River, Applications Due by Feb.16th
Plan on floating the Smith River in 2017?  Applications are being accepted starting today until Feb.16th.  The permit drawing results will be in March.
According to the Billings Gazette, applicants pay a $10 nonrefundable fee. There a couple different ways to apply...
Pinky and the Floyd, The Pub Station this Month
Peter Macdiarmid/etty Images 
Pinky and the Floyd is from Montana but has recently been called the Northwest's Hottest Pink Floyd Tribute Band.  See them here in Billings at the Pub Station on the 14th. The 14th does happen to be on a Saturday night, we can sleep off the fun we ha…
Missoula’s Jeff Ament Headed to R-N-R Hall Of Fame
We've talked about the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame inductees for 2017 on the air here at the Hawk.  I was pleased to see ELO make the list.
I had no idea Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam was from Missoula?  Did you?  Jeff has a house in Missoula and has stayed active there...
Snow Removal Required For Billings Residence
Have you shoveled the sidewalk yet in front of your house?
Sidewalk Snow Removal, this is straight off the City of Billings Website.
City Ordinance requires property owners to remove snow from public sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours of a snow fall. A f...
Let Log Cabin Do the Baking
There's only about a thousand things that need to be done between now and Christmas.  That last minute gift, finishing up work so you can be off for the next couple days.  Does it ever end!?
Give yourself a brake where you can.  Locally owned and operated Log Cabin Bakery and can …

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