A Good Night’s Sleep Is Essential to Good Health
Sleep.  I fantasize about being able to take naps.  I relish a good night's sleep. I want a week of nothing but restful shut-eye.  I often think that if I can just catch up on my sleep that I won’t ever let myself get into a sleep-deprived state again...
Billings Top Shot Competition Results
It was another great event this weekend at The Blue Creek Sports Shooting Complex for the Billings Top Shot Competition.  This year there were two divisions -- competitor and novice as well as a women’s bracket.
The two-day event culminated with a head-to-head shoot-ut competitio…
Billings Bike Night: The Story of Summer So Far
Billings Bike Night is rapidly becoming a summer staple. The number of bikes, babes and beers continues to climb every week.
The first couple of weeks were threatened by evening thunderstorms. But the bikers weathered the storm. As the clouds parted, sunshine flooded the parking lots of Fiddler'…
Billings Biggest Garage Sale Makes A Triumphant Debut [VIDEO]
Billings Biggest Garage Sale was a huge success with hundreds of vendors and thousands of shoppers. Gathering under the sun in the upper parking lot at Metrapark, crowds picked through a staggering array of stuff. From boats to baby dolls, Billings Biggest Garage Sale had it all...
The Four Most Awesome Legal Fireworks in Wyoming
It's a well known fact that Wyoming has the best selection of legal fireworks you'll find anywhere in the country. With 4th of July fast approaching, we spoke to a few fireworks stores to find out which products really give you the most bang for the buck...
Get Your Caffeine Buzz On At The Fair
Montana Fair is coming in August and one of my favorite yearly rituals is to get a grease soaked sack of deep fried cheese curds from a pimply faced teenager on the midway.
Over the years carnival venders have battered and dipped almost everything into boiling oil in an attempt to thin the herd of fa…
Billings Top Shot 2015 Set
Think you have what it takes to be Billings' Top Shot?
This Saturday and Sunday will be your chance to prove it at The Blue Creek Sport Shooting Complex.
The competition will cover 5 weapon disciplines:

Bow & Arrow
Hatchet Throw

Competitive and novice divisions will compete with the…

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