My Three Not So Secret Chili Ingredients Revealed
Just about every guy I know thinks they make a mean pot of chili and I am no exception. Of course, in my case, I'm right; my chili is awesome.
I thought since we're about to enter chili season, I'd share the three ingredients that help give my chili its incredible flavor...
Dining Out Etiquette
Last week I went and had lunch with a couple of co-workers.  Great people and the food was awesome. There really is some great dinning here in Billings.
My co-worker wanted to order the same thing as me, but when I placed my order with the waitress he changed his order to something else...
Why Can’t I Buy a 40 in Billings
At the risk of sounding trashy, wait, too late.  Why is it that you can't get a 40-ounce beer at the gas station here?  I'm sure it's the liquor laws but this is the first state I've moved to where they didn't have them.
In my mind a 40 is perfect...
Races Saturday at Billings Motorsports Park Speedway
Races at Billings Motorsports Park Speedway are done for the season.  Sad to see it end.  If this isn't something you or your family do on a regular basis, next year you'll have to plan a night out there.
Great beer prices and the walking taco, a BMP special...

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