Dylan’s Top 5 Drinking Songs
Who doesn't like a few cold ones?  Or, sometimes more than a few.  Here's my Top Five Drinking Songs.  What songs should have made the list that didn't.  What are your Top 5?  Quick, someone pass me a beer, I need inspiration.
We’ve Been Invaded by Pumpkin-Flavored Crap
I love fall, hoodies and bonfires. The only bad thing about fall would be the fact that we seem to be invaded by pumpkin-flavored everything.  Gross.  Really. everybody loves this stuff?  Do people lose their taste buds in the fall?
First, pumpkin beer is wrong...
Do Girls Fart?
Yes, of course they do.  Now I do understand that some dudes believe differently.  But the truth is boys, all of us fart.  It's just that some of us are ladies about it and we don't do it in public.
Me, I've been in radio long enough to understand that there are no windo…
The Hawk’s Sam and Dylan Make New Friends
Cigs. I know I shouldn't smoke and plan on quitting in the near future.  Not encouraging smoking in any way. It is a nasty habit.
There is just something about sharing a smoke break with someone even if you don't speak the same language...
The Kid Food that You Still Love
At my age, I should act more like an adult but, then again, why?  I have plenty of time to act old and crabby, well, when I'm old and crabby.  Like in my 80's.  The women in my family live well into their 90's and my great-grandmother lived to be more than 100...
Sam’s Stupid People
Well, it's Monday once again and I thought some laughs would be nice.
Stupid people are not hard to find. Just go to the mall, sit down and watch people walk by. You wont have to wait long and you will have a good laugh.
This video shows once again that some people should never drink...
Sam’s Selects His Stupid People
Well, it's time once again for a laugh on a Monday. After all that rain over the weekend with most folks stuck in the house, let's have a chuckle.
As always, don't try any of these pranks at home. You might just end up in the emergency room and we wouldn't want that now would we..…

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