Gotta Go and the Train is Too Slow
Waiting for the train to pass by and mother nature as got you in train pain. To make it worse there are two trains that need to pass. Don't you wish you would have taken an underpass to get you to your destination? It happens!!
The Distinct Aromas of Billings
Ever wonder what that aroma is you are smelling depending on what area of Billings you are in? Multiple sources in and around the Billings area are culprits of dissatisfaction of smell. I am used to the aromas of Billings, are you?
5 Recipes to Get Through a Cold or the Flu
It happened again to me Saturday night, all the way through Sunday night. I got sick yet again. I hate that so much. Feeling like a truck has run you over, coughing up nasty stuff and you can't breathe. Yuck.
There's no way I will sit idle waiting for it to pass...

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