Research Proves Your Slave Driving Boss Is Driving You to Drink
After a long day at work, do you like to unwind with an adult beverage?  Let go of the guilt.  A new study shows that your slave driving bosses are responsible for your excessive alcohol consumption.
According to a recent article published in the British Medical Journal, people who work more than 40 …
Montana Offers a Safe Haven for the Zombie Apocalypse
Here's some comforting news.  When the Zombie Apocalypse inevitably occurs, Montana residents will be safe...for a while.
According to a new report from the real estate website Trulia, Montana ranks among the safest places in America to be when the zombie uprising begins...
Good News About Ebola, at Last
After weeks of concern, worry and then near panic over the deadly Ebola virus, there is finally some good news that will (hopefully) relieve some of the lingering fear of a broader epidemic.

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