Jeff Howell

SNOW Continues In Billings
This STUPID, UGLY, DUMB SNOWMAN THING which came with my wife, sadly graces our front porch every winter.  I of course took this piece of #$%& off the porch in February.  After coming to work today on April 5th and seeing the weather, I might have to bring out this soon to be firep…
The Masters Golf
Am I getting that old that I can remember watching Arnold, Jack and Gary actually playing in the 60's and 70's?
Still Snowy
It's April 3rd and we have been bumped up from the fifth to third snowiest winter on record.
My Good Friend Tim
My good friend Tim Craig (Slimey) has had some bad luck. Tim had a massive stroke not too long ago and needs our help. The fundraiser begins this Sunday at one pm at Andy's Bar and Lounge. Check out the video!!! If you have any questions or have something to donate call Amy at 307-763-2504...

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