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How to Prepare for a Chili Cook-off
On Saturday I get to be part of the Wild West Chili Cook-off.  Join us at Beartooth Harley Davidson Saturday starting at 11a.m. and all the proceeds benefit the Families For Outdoor Recreation.
Beano is your friend, man, it's one thing to eat one bowl of chili...
Watch Monday Night Football and Help a Great Local Cause
This Monday, thousands of football fans in and around Billings will be watching the Giants versus Eagles game. If you're the type to head out to one of the local sports bars, you have a great opportunity to enjoy the game and know that 20 percent of what you spend is going to help local people …
Halloween Whopper Located in Billings
Yesterday I told you I went out on a mission for the Halloween Whopper.  And, when I showed up at Burger King was told they were out of the black buns.  The thing that makes a Halloween Whopper a Halloween Whopper.
Headed to a different Burger King last night for dinner...
Why Gun Control is the Wrong Conversation [Opinion]
In regard to the title of this post, I am referring specifically to these mass shootings that are plaguing our nation. I know that these crimes account for a relatively small percentage of the overall gun fatalities in our country, but these are the crimes that elicit the biggest emotional response …
Dylan’s Top 5 Songs About Disappointment
So, today I talked my co-worker into the Halloween Whopper from Burger King.  Let's keep in mind he didn't want it.  It took some slick talking on my part.
We get there, are in line, order our burgers and when we get the window to pay, they tell us they are out of the Black Buns..…
Bryan Adams – Don’t Even Try
Have you heard the New Bryan Adams?  No excuse now.  Bryan Adams fans, it seems like people really like him or they just don't give a crap.  Billings, how do you feel?
NFL Pick ‘Em Winner Sweep
Are you playing NFL Pick 'Em with us?  Nathan Althoff is the winner the second week in a row.  How did he do it?  What does he know that the rest of us don't?
Another $25 gift certificate to Cadillac Jax again this week for Nathan...

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