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10 Things to Do With a $400 Home Depot Gift Card
There's things that we would all love to do to our home.  But who's got the money for that this time of year?  Well, maybe we can help.
If your a member of our VIP Club you know you can win some great stuff.  There's a $400 Home Depot gift card on there right now...
Dylan’s Top Five Trucker Songs
Who doesn't like a big hairy man in a truck?  OK, not all truckers are big and hairy. In fact, there's more female truckers now then ever before.  It's National Trucker Week.  What are your top five trucker songs?
Do You Take Time to Listen?
I think at some point we all experience depression.  Whether everyone wants to admit it or not.  This week is National Suicide Prevention Week.
Take the time to smile at a stranger, open the door for someone, or an extra minute to listen to a story you might not be that interested in...
The Top 5 Queen Songs
This year Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody turns 40.  Forty years ago that song came out and it is still being covered today and people are still trying to be half the front man Freddy Mercury was.  After reading that the song was turning 40 I started to think...
Elton John is Coming to Billings
Maybe I'm bringing this up a little early but I wanted you to have time to make arrangements so you can be there on Oct. 7 when Elton John performs at the Rimrock Auto Arena MetraPark 8 p.m.
We will get to see this legend live and up close.  J...

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