Super Moon Sunday
Weather permitting, the only super moon of the year is this Sunday. A "super moon" is actually a full moon occurring near or at the time when the moon is at its closest point in it's orbit around the Earth.
Election Results
Here are the results from yesterdays election:
Bill Cole – 17,588, 64 percent
Jeff Essmann – 9,905, 36 percent
Ward 1
Mike Yakawich – 2,222, 62 percent
Charlie Smillie – 1,318, 37 percent
Ward 2
Frank Ewalt – 2,559, 54 percent
Roger Gravgaard – 2,140, 45 percent
Ward 3
Denise Joy – 3,015, 58 percent
Missing Boy Found
Good News today!  Kasey Bailey was reported as missing last night and this morning.  The 10 year old boy was found safe.  He apparently did a sleep over at his friends house.  School has been out this Thursday and Friday and he failed to tell his parents...
I saw in the news today that there were protesters in Portland that formed a "chain".  In the protesting world this particular chain was the protesters sitting down and then putting there hands through a piece of pipe, with there hands either handcuffed, zip tied together of d…
Snow on the Highline
Wasn't it just yesterday I posted a picture of fall colors?  The Highline in Montana got hit with snow in the past couple of days.  Havre had seen 13 inches of heavy wet snow as of late Tuesday afternoon.  Many large tree branches were downed, and all of Havre was without power..…
Somebody Doesn’t Like Lincoln, MT
On July 6th of this year the strongest earthquake in decades in Montana hit the Lincoln area and was recorded as a 5.8 magnitude. Yesterday to more small earthquakes hit the same general area. 2:44 am was a 3.5 magnitude and 3:30 am a 2...
Goodbye Summer!
This is a picture from Friday morning just south of Columbus.  A heavy wet snow greeted them and Red Lodge and Livingston and....Today was the first full day of Fall.  I haven't looked at the Old Farmers Almanac but people are telling me we are in for a rough winter in Montana...

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