Trivia At Tiny’s Coming Soon
Trivia will start on October 20th at Tiny's Tavern. Guaranteed not like anywhere else in town Tiny's Trivia is a for sure great time. Thursday October 20th from 8pm till 10pm. Guaranteed a good time see you at Tiny's trivia.
Going Up In A Hurry
The bad news is the field is going away. The good news is if you need some storage space it wont be too long and you will have some to choose from. Now I wonder what is next to go up in the field next to Ace Hardware?
Snow In The Beartooths
On a recent road trip I took this picture of the Beartooth Mountains. I thought the snow was a cool sight. It won't be long and the snow will be everywhere. I'm not sure that I'm ready for winter yet but I guess I have no say so in the matter...
Hansen Music Is Moving!
Hansen Music is moving to a BIGGER location located at 521 24th Street West. It is in the Westgate Village. More parking, way convenient location and a bigger store with more guitars,drums,amps ""WOW"" more everything. They are looking to be moved in by November 1…
3 Day’s Racing At BMP
What was to be Friday and Saturday turned into a Sunday day race as well. Friday night here is how we ended out.
Street Stock winner #21 Cory Craver
Midwest Mods winner #31 Kyle Harkin
Super Stock winner #57 Jason George
Modified Winner #12H Mike Hansen
Late Model winner #12B Chad Becker...
Need Something Stored?
Well without a doubt it is storage sheds going up next to Ace Hardware in Lockwood.  They finally have enough up to be sure I will keep you posted as to when they are done.
Whats Next To Lockwood Ace
Yesterday they started building (what looks to me like) storage sheds. I can't be sure yet but I am almost sure that is what it is going to be. I will know for sure in the next couple of days. I will keep you posted!
Meet Betty
Well the other day I introduced you to Chester the Spider. Now I have a new pet and we will call her Betty. When I first came across Betty I thought she was going to have Chester for dinner. She was just hanging around watching Chester have a fly for dinner...
Dismount Zone???
My friend sent me this the other day and I just about fell out of my chair. I always thought dismounting was something totally different. I guess if you are in Colorado there are certain places for you to get off of your skateboard or bike...
Grand Opening At Lockwood Ace
Well a picture is worth a thousand words and that is what we have here. Lockwood Ace Hardware is having their grand opening this weekend and this is the picture I took at 9am this morning. Looks like one parking space is open but a car was headed for it as I took the picture...
The Legend Band And Stories From The Jam Castle Pt 7
I thought it would be best to start at the beginning. This is how the Legend Band came to be! If you didn't see the first video watch it first they will come in order (well as best as I can remember)and you should start at the beginning. The biggest thing is remembering in the early days...
What’s Next To Lockwood Ace?
Well this picture was taken at 5am yesterday morning. It looked like they had been there for a while pouring those two foundations for something. I Guess with the weather change that is coming they wanted to start early. I am sure buildings are going up soon I will keep you posted...

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