Sam’s Lost Vinyl
This is something that I will call Sam's lost vinyl. Old records that were in demand back in the day when vinyl was king. Today we will do rare Bird's album As Your Mind Flies By. usually I don't care for a band that doesn't have a lot of guitar work...
Today in Rock History, January 4th, 2016
1965: Leo Fender sells Fender Guitars to CBS for $13 million.
1967: The Beatles, "Penny Lane"
1970: The Who's Keith Moon accidentally runs over his chauffeur, Neil Boland, killing him. Apparently, Moon's car was under attack from some unruly teenagers, and when Boland jumpe…
5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Lemmy
Always been a huge Lemmy fan, mole and all.  That man embodied everything that is rock 'n' roll.  The voice, the stage presents, and I don't give a rats ass attitude.  Normally pictured with a cigarette and a finger, telling you your number one...
10 Bar Essentials for Mixing Drinks at Home
The all- knowing bartender. It's sort of a magical or even a mystical veil they hold over us. How can they remember all those drinks?  Why does my drink always taste better at the bar?  Why can't I create cocktails like a bartender?
Because they have all the tools...
Today in Rock History December 7th
1942 - Harry Chapin was born.  His track Cats In The Cradle was not only a hit for him but a success again for a band called Ugly Kid Joe in the 90's.
1968 - Janis Joplin made her final appearance with Big Brother & the Holding Company.
At Least 5 Places to Buy Vinyl in Billings
Why would you listen to vinyl? If you like vinyl like I do, it's probably something you've heard before. To the uneducated ear, I get it. To them it doesn't sound any different -- or maybe even worse. But to me, there's nothing like that warm, analog sound.

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