Billings, Your Dream Concert
Let's have some fun for a second. If you could create a concert anywhere, at any venue, with any two bands, who and where would it be? They don't have to be alive and the venue doesn't have to exist either.
Venue - Red Rocks
Opener - Joan Jett
Headliner - Queen w/Freddie
OK, your turn. Po…
Dylan’s Top 5 Neil Young Songs
Neil Young turns 69 today.  It's pretty amazing to think about all the younger musicians he's influenced and all the hits he's had.  Here's my top 5 of his songs. What are yours?
Farting Can Help Fight Cancer
Not only are they funny but they can also help fight cancer, says science. You knew I had to talk about this, how could I not.  I mean, I knew farts were funny but now this.
Scientists have claimed that the toxins inside farts can actually help fight cancer, as well as a number of other diseases…
Billings Vets Eat Free on Veterans Day
Can't express enough gratitude to our military and their families. I just love that there are at least 20 restaurants, many of them right here in Billings, where veterans and active duty military -- and sometimes their families -- can eat free or get a free cup of coffee on Veterans Day...
Dylan’s Top 5 Veteran Songs
I don't think we can say thank you enough to alll the servicemen and servicewomen and their families for their service and sacrifice. As a tribute, I've selected my top five songs to honor all of you. Did I miss anything?  What would your Top 5 be...
National Have Your Man Make Dinner Day
Oh yeah, ladies.  That's right!  Today is National Have Your Man Make Dinner Day. I think that this tradition should include the dishes as well. Too much?  They give a little and I want more.
Guys, I'm here to help.  Found this from Ask Men, 5 easy meals to make for her.…
Billings, HairBall is Coming to Town
The side ponytail. Who remembers this? It's obvious to me why this is not in fashion anymore if you're your over the age of 8.  But in the 80's every lady was sporting one of these.
The Hairball is coming to town next weekend and we want to send you up with meet and greet passes..…
Dylan Top 5 Songs That Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy
I know it's getting colder but you have to feel good about the fact that there's ton's of snow around us but we haven't been hit with any yet.  I know one way to stay warm this winter, good classic rock music.  I think maybe these tracks had something else in mind?...
Rob Halford Wants to Sing the Blues
I don't know if your a Judas Priest fan or not, but I am.  Love me some Rob Halford and that man has been rockin' for decades. Saw him for the second time in my life last fall.  He's still got it, looked great on stage.
I found this online...
Dylan’s Top 5 Halloween Songs
What's not to love about Halloween?  Candy, costumes, parties, and scaring the crap out of your neighbors and friends.  It's important to have the right music to do it with.   What are your top five Halloween songs?

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