Billings Brewery Make National News
Who doesn't love a cold one from Angry Hanks? I don't know if you can trust people that don't like that beer.  Only open 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. but always worth moving around your schedule so you can make it there
Angry Hanks was recently listed one of the 14 weirdest Brewery locations&…
Dylan’s Top Five Trucker Songs
Who doesn't like a big hairy man in a truck?  OK, not all truckers are big and hairy. In fact, there's more female truckers now then ever before.  It's National Trucker Week.  What are your top five trucker songs?
Best Place to Play Pinball Machines in Billings
Found this gem at The Pub Station last night.  Love these things.  They remind me of high school.  When we would cut class, not that I did that all the time, we would go to the ice cream shop and play these.  Why the shop owner never busted us to our parents I'll never know.…
We’ve Been Invaded by Pumpkin-Flavored Crap
I love fall, hoodies and bonfires. The only bad thing about fall would be the fact that we seem to be invaded by pumpkin-flavored everything.  Gross.  Really. everybody loves this stuff?  Do people lose their taste buds in the fall?
First, pumpkin beer is wrong...
Martin Sexton Performs in Billings on Tuesday
This might be an artist you've never heard of before.  I just found out about him earlier this year and was happy to find our he's stopping here in Billings tomorrow night at the Station Pub.
Will have a pair of tickets for you win this afternoon on the air.  I...

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