Gene Simmons Website Hacker Arrested
Don’t mess with Gene Simmons! There’s the chance he may spit blood all over you, or have you arrested! Kevin George Poe, an alleged member of the hacker group ‘Anonymous,’ was arrested Tuesday charged with hacking into the website of the Kiss roc…
Why I Keep An Airsickness Bag Next To My Computer
The last few months my Facebook news feed has been littered with photoshopped representations of nauseating sayings, the likes that would make Stuart Smalley throw up a little bit in his mouth. Let's take a look at a few of these nuggets of 'wisdom' and see if we can keep our lunch do…
This Day in Pink Floyd App
Coming to an iPad near you: the official This Day in Pink Floyd App. The app features thousands of music facts, covering 366 days of the year.

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