GENIUS! American Ingenuity Makes Breakfast Cereal Even Sweeter!
Inventor Tom Lambardi understands what's important.  For years I've stared at my breakfast bowl and pondered the reason for all those crispy bits getting in the way of my pink hearts, blue moons and purple horse shoes.  Finally my Lucky Charms can be all marshmallow, all the time…
Ten Frighteningly Cool Halloween Gadgets
Remember the good old days when Halloween meant trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples? Well, technology has made All Hallow's Eve a whole lot scarier. From advanced video displays to motion-sensing devices, these Halloween-themed gadgets will turn your home into a truly terrifying house of h…
Mick Jagger Likes This
Who would have marked Mick Jagger a Facebook junkie? It seems Jagger has moved passed his initial distaste for social networking sites.
Waves Set Aglow With L.E.D-Lit Surfboard [VIDEO]
Argentinian professional surfer Aritz Aranburu made the sport even flashier by affixing L.E.D. lights to his board.
The effect is pretty incredible: When Aranburu surfs at night, it looks like there’s a giant glow stick darting in and out of the waves.

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