‘Arrested Development’ – JP’s Netflix Picks
I've got a pretty wide range of tastes and I spend a lot of time trolling through the depths of Netflix, to find some amazing gems that don't always see the light of appreciation like they should. So I've decided I would start sharing some of my recommendations with all of you!
Watch a Local News Crew Get Hilariously Duped
With the exception of reality television, it appears that today's small screen is becoming all the more authentic, and thus, relatable. Because of the shows featuring intense storylines and characters that we connect with it's no wonder we feel so heavily for the screen.
The above video -- featuring …
‘Community’ Season 4: Chevy Chase’s Exit Revealed?
No one was particularly surprised (except maybe the writers) when Chevy Chase announced that he'd be quitting his role as 'Community's Pierce Hawthorne, particularly given the rough history with both published comments and now-departed creator Dan Harmon.  Yet, with two episodes yet to be shot befor…

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