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One Armed Drummer Rocks Out with Bionic Arm
We've all marveled at the resiliency of Def Leppard's Rick Allen.  Losing an arm is a huge obstacle for anyone to overcome, especially if you're a drummer.  Thanks to new medical advances, amputees can now rock out with a bionic arm.
The robotic arm is the brainchild of Georg…
New App Helps Guys Keep the Romance Alive
Remember the old Sam Kinison bit about "licking the alphabet"?  Well, now there's a new app for men trying to spice things up in the bedroom.
Lickthisapp features several tongue techniques and excercises designed to improve skill.  The free app, which is compatible for both iPhone and Andro…
Brilliant Artist Uses Tongue to Paint His Masterpieces
This artist has a tongue of talent.
An artist in India named Ani K says he has painted more than 1,000 pictures with his tongue, with an eight-foot replica of 'The Last Supper' his prized piece.
Like many greats, though, he suffers for his art:
After painting with my tongue, I experience pain…

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