I used to work in radio with a dude named Dave Ross.  Back in 2005, we both got the bug to start doing stand up comedy.  So we both got up on stage for the first time and performed at an open mic.  He's been doing it ever since.

Nearly a decade later, Dave is now one of the comedy cool kids in Los Angeles.  He regularly plays all of the big clubs and has performed on the same bill with Louis CK, Aziz Ansiari and a million more.  He's done a few nationwide tours too.  In fact, the last two times I saw him, he was killing crowds in Phoenix and Austin, TX.

Tonight, Dave will be one of the story tellers on the Comedy Central series "Drunk History". If you've ever seen it, you know it's one of the best shows on tv.  According to Dave, they got him so hammered during the shoot that he vomited several times and had to be administered oxygen.  He claims he can barely remember it.  Which means, it should be funny.

Want to check out Dave's dumb jokes, here's a link to his website: davetotheross.com