Happy Easter weekend from your pals at the Hawk.  For those of you who embrace the spiritual side of this holiday, here's a few born again rockers who love the Lord.

1.  Bono - U2's singer surprised some fans recently when he revealed that he's a Christian.  He made news last week when he told an interviewer that he and his family "pray to the risen Jesus".  Several years ago, Bono met with the Pope to promote his humanitarian efforts in Africa.  When he's not on tour, he attends a Presbyterian church in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland.

2.  Alice Cooper - Before he invented shock rock, Alice was born Vincent Furnier, the son of a minister.  Years later, he rediscovered his faith while he was attempting to get sober.  In 1995, he and his wife founded the Solid Rock Foundation, a faith based charity in Phoenix, Arizona that minsters to at risk kids.

3.  Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson from Megadeth - In recent years, Dave Mustaine has been outspoken about the spiritual journey that led him "from witchcraft" to a "personal relationship with Christ".  His longtime bassist Dave Ellefson turned to God after having children 17 years ago.  He later founded a "rock 'n roll church" in Scottsdale, AZ called Mega Life Ministries.

4.  Brian "Head" Welch from Korn - In 2005, Head shocked the metal world when he converted to Christianity and quit the band he helped found. After become a popular figure on the faith based lecture circuit, he released a Christian solo album in 2009 titled "Save Me from Myself".  He has since reunited Korn, but remains a devout believer.  He recently teamed up with fellow Christian and POD singer Sony Sandoval to form an outreach group called The Whosoevers.

5.  Lou Gramm from Foreigner - Foreigner's legendary frontman discovered religion in the mid 80's while struggling with drug addiction.  After leaving the band in the 90's, Gramm began a different musical venture, singing in the choir at the non denominational church he attends in Rochester, NY.  In 2009, he released his first Christian album under the name "The Lou Gramm Band".