If you grew up in the late 80's and early 90 like I did, chances are you probably dropped a few quarters playing "Street Fighter II" at the arcade (remember those?).  And if you played it, you probably had a favorite character that you used all the time.  For me, that character was Chun Li, the baddest video game vixen of all time.

Sure, there were other bad ass characters in SFII, like Blanka, the flame throwing monster from South America or Dhalism, the weird Indian dude with the "go go gadget" arms.  And, if your opponent already had one of those characters, you might be able to eek out a win with Rye.

But Chun Li was one tough chick.  She had thighs like Serena Williams and an arsenal of moves that would strike fear into men twice her size.  My patented move was her back flip off the screen followed by an unstoppable series of bicycle kicks.  It worked every time.

Sadly, once the championship edition of Street Fighter came out, Chun Li was overshadowed by unadulterated awesomeness of Sagat.  But, for my money, she was not only the best female fighter in video game history, she was the best character in Street Fighter II and I'd even put her up against original Street Fighter Ken.