On the surface, things are going smoothly for the Van Halen reincarnate. They’ve successfully released ‘A Different Kind of Truth,’ their first new album with David Lee Roth since 1984, and there is nothing to indicate anything will get in the way of their upcoming U.S. tour.

Roth admits recording the new album wasn’t easy. “It was like a stand off in a Chuck Norris movie,” he tells News.com.au. “We each had the laser dot on everybody’s forehead waiting for the other guy to blink. Except for Wolfie (20-year-old Wolfgang Van Halen), he had a Super Soaker.”

The interview is full of quips and truths about the current band, his sheep dog training hobby, a surprising profession between gigs, and his and Eddie Van Halen’s tumultuous relationship. “If Ed and I can get along then world peace can have a chance,” Roth says. “There’s sparks, there’s energy, there’s a team enthusiasm closer to pirates than little league. There’s still some pillaging going on there. You can hear it in the music. There’s routinely conflict but there’s a lot of laughter.”

The flashy singer insists that the laughter, smiles and handshakes are genuine, but he stops short of saying the new band (including Alex and Wolfgang Van Halen) are built for the long term, or even a second tour.

“To promise anything beyond that, I don’t know. That kind of friction and back and forth solicits the best. In the battle of the bands, we actually are a battle of the bands in one band.”