If you didn't think that bullying among young people is out of control, this video may very well change your mind. In this cellphone video from LiveLeak.com several young people are recorded physically and verballing abusing a young girl who can't be more than 2 - 3 years old. The video is recorded by a young man who not only encourages the ongoing abuse but also goes so far as to instruct the other kids on how to abuse this child. 

I hate to brush off the "Where are the parents" dead horse, but seriously where the hell are the parents during all of this? And I'm talking about both parties involved, why is a the little blonde girl hanging out on a neighborhood street unsupervised? I'm a pretty easy going guy but she strikes me as too young to be out by herself.

As I was writing this blog, LiveLeak.com also posted a screen shot of the Facebook page of the kid who recorded the video and then uploaded it with the title "When white people piss black people off part 1."