It's Tuesday and that means the Hawk will be rockin' live at the Grandstand on 9th and Grand for our weekly round of "Tacos, Tequila and Trivia".  However, because this is the last week to register for the KISS of DEF trip, we're mixing it up.

Sam Talkington is headed over to the Grandstand today from 5 pm to 7 pm.  All you have to do is stop by, put your name in the box and you're entered into the Monday's grand prize drawing to see KISS and Def Leppard live in L.A.  Keep in mind, if you already registered online or qualified on the air, you can still sign up at the Grandstand and increase your odds of winning.  Sammy will also be kicking down a bunch of our new Hawk / Coors Light T-shirts too.

Then after 7, I'll be headed over to the Grandstand to host bar trivia.  It's always free to play, you can team up with your buddies or compete solo.  If you're a jeenyus, we'll be giving away a ton of free stuff from Coors Lights and we'll have free bar tabs for the Top 3 teams.  I don't mind saying, it's by far the best Bar Trivia in Billings.  And you're welcome to join us this evening.