If, like me, you're among the millions of adults who checks your Facebook page every day, here's a sad reminder of just how pathetic you truly are.  To celebrate Facebook's 10th Anniversary next month, Time Magazine just released an online tool that calculates the  colossal amount of time you have spent posting or commenting on the world's most popular social media site.

Hopefully for your sake, you're haven't wasted nearly as much time as I have.  Since joining in 2008, I have made 8,525 posts.  Evidently, it takes a lot of time to post thousands of dumb jokes.  According to their estimate, during the last 5 years, I have wasted 22 days, 17 hours and 39 minutes of life on Facebook.

Which, it turns out, might be a conservative estimate.  The Facebook Time Machine links up with your profile and totals the number of items you have posted to your personal page since you joined.  The calculator notes that Facebook doesn't publicize data on how often each individual user logs in.  Instead, their estimate relies on time stamps to determine when you join Facebook and accounts for the number of posts you have made since then.