The first day of anything can make anyone nervous, especially when it's a child going to school for the first time. I remember going my first time. I was scared to death. Would anyone like me? Would I make friends? Would I be picked on? The list goes on.

Last night my family and I were sitting around watching TV when my oldest son started squirming around. When it went on for what seemed to be a long time, I asked him what was wrong.

"My stomach just hurts dad." I asked if he was sick and he said, "no." I quickly responded, asking if he wasn't sick then why was his tummy bothering him. He didn't want to answer right away.

I pressed on telling him that he could tell me anything. After I gained his confidence he began to tell me that he was scared to go to school. I was confused. He is 8 years old and has been in school before. So, I asked him why? His reply broke my heart.

"Well  dad, I have never been to school here and I want the kids to like me," he said.

Boy, do I know that feeling.

He's a very outgoing kid that makes friends easily and his little brother will be there with him.

I proceeded to tell him to be himself. "Go through that door, son, with your head held high and have a big smile buddy. I'm sure you'll make friends right away and once they know you, they'll be begging to be your friend."

This brought a smile to his face and it seemed to make him feel better.

We've all been in his shoes. New beginnings can be very tough. It's the fear of the unknown.

What was your first day of school like? Call me at 406-248-5665.