It's the month of October, and for me (JP) that means a scary movie marathon all month long. Luckily for me, and you, a ton of really great scary movies are available on Netflix right now. But sometimes we need a breather from all the tension of a scary movie and just need a good laugh, which is why I picked 'Ghostbusters' for today's Netflix pick. And besides, what's the month of Halloween with out watching 'Ghostbusters' at least one?

Check out the original trailer for the movie (movie trailers really sucked back then, didn't they?):

Need I say more about this movie? This one of those classic 80's movies that helped solidify the movie careers of both Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd. Both of whom deliver excellent performance in this flick and it's sequel, Ghostbusters II. There never was a Ghostbusters III and if there ever is another, it will most likely not have Bill Murray starring in the film. What's the point of another Ghostbusters movie if you don't have Bill Murray?

So while we may never see the Ghostbusters team come back for a third time, we can all still kick back and enjoy the magic that is Ghostbusters.