The Hawk studios are on the top floor of the Crowne Plaze Hotel in downtown Billings.  We are used to meeting out of town visitors in the elevators.  But, I have never seen any group of travelers take over this hotel like the insurance adjusters.

After the recent hailstorm, they are crawling all over this place like ants.  Many of them have been here for a few weeks now.  When will they leave?  Hell if we know.  But it's almost impossible to find a parking space in a lot that is covered in ladder vans.

So this morning, I figured we'd play a game called "Guess How Many Insurance Company Ladder Vans are Parked at the Crowne Plaze Hotel"?

Use the picture for reference, but keep in mind, that is only about half of the parking lot.  If you want to play along, I'm offering a Hawk T-shirt for the listener with the closest guess.  Send me an e-mail and I'll hit you back if you win,